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innovation in commerce and search

Bright Station is a technology company focused on innovating in web based technologies and services. It is Dan Wagner’s personal vehicle for the creation of his businesses and is essentially an Internet and eCommerce technology holding company.

Founded by Dan Wagner and supported by a team of impressive technology entrepreneurs. Bright Station is the holding company that has created a number of world market leaders including MAID and Venda and is characterised by Bright Station Ventures and Bright Station Foundation.

World Market Leaders by bright station

Bright Station Ventures (BSV) is the incubator behind all of the Bright Station team's initiatives from eCommerce (Venda) to Search (Attraqt) to Social and Mobile commerce (BuyaPowa and Rezolve).


Dan Wagner founded the company MAID in 1984, one of the first online information systems in the world

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Venda is an on-demand, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform delivering eCommerce and multi-channel retail solutions to customers worldwide.

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Attraqt offers online businesses the opportunity to take total control over their online sales performance through dynamic profiling of user activity on websites.

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In 2007 Dan founded Powa Technologies, to deliver transformative technology at the nexus of retail and mobility.

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BuyaPowa helps retailers to acquire new customers by allowing them to encourage and reward their customers for getting their friends to shop too.

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Rezolves mobile image and audio recognition technology creates a whole new buying or paying experience for your customer, whether you’re a bank, Telco, public utility or merchant.

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